American tourists are panicking at an Israeli airport carrying “souvenirs” from the war

According to the BBC, the American family caused panic on Thursday at Israel’s main international airport by displaying an unexploded ordnance.

According to the Israeli authorities the family found an ancient, unexploded bomb while visiting the hills of the Golan.

Israel ruled most of Syria’s Golan Heights during Six days war, in 1967 and Traces of the conflict can still be found in the area.

At security screening a a family member asked the police if he could move the device from his backpack to his suitcase, According to YNet’s news site. Hence the official immediately ordered the evacuation of the area.

In this context, the passenger has misjudged the safety and began shouting “terrorists are shooting,” which triggered a mass panic.

videos that show passengers fleeing and leaving their belongings and bags in a panic began to spread on social media.

One The 32-year-old man was injured while trying to escape and was taken to hospital.

The American family turned out an airport security interrogation and was finally boarded.

international airport Ben Gurion, On the outskirts of Tel Aviv, held one of the safest in the world. Vehicles and passengers pass through security checks before entering the terminal and check-in area.

Israel is involved in high standby after several terrorist attacks across the country in recent weeks.

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