Benfica-Sporting women’s futsal ends the controversial end – Futsal

The Derby between Benfica and Sporting ended in controversy (3-3) and was counted in the 24th round of the women’s futsal national championship.

Once the champion’s presence in the qualifying round was guaranteed, the eagles and female lions entered the field with the clear goal of winning three more points, and even the home team was the first to make the entry through Inês Fernandes (3 ’). Sporting’s reaction was almost immediate as he responded in the same minute 1-1 after Débora Queiroz’s corner kick.

Benfica took the lead after 13 minutes, as a result of Maria Pereira’s awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right. The second tie in the game was scored by Ana Alves, one and a half minutes after the end of the first half.

But Derby’s great feeling would be spared the second half. The eagles returned better and took the lead again. Leninha scored Benfica’s third goal in Pavilhão Fidelidade in the 33rd minute. With 23 seconds left, Lima leveled out Derby and forced Benfica to change strategy in the final minutes.

The eagles advanced 5-4, and just three seconds from the end, Angélica stands in front of the lion’s goalkeeper, who shoots his opponent and sees the ball go to his goal. Among the Red and Pavilion Benfica fans at the party, the referee cancels the goal due to the lack of a Benfica player due to many protests.

With this result, Benfica remains at the top of the table in the first round of the women’s futsal championship with 66 points, two points more than Nun’Álvares, who won 4-1 against FC Vermoim on Saturday. Sporting, on the other hand, remains in third place with 59 points.

It will be recalled that the first four to compete in the national championship have already been determined and places have so far been awarded to Benfica (1st), Nun’Álvares (2nd), Sporting (3rd). Novasemente (4.).

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