Bernardo Sousa clarifies the alleged “shit” after Bruna Gomes’ “Big Brother”: “It still upsets many people …”

Last Sunday, April 24, the grand finale of the race was celebrated “Big brother famous” and for debut “Big Brother – The Last Challenge”On TVI.

The big winner of the evening, Bernardo Sousa, was surprised to learn that Bruna Gomes would continue in the new edition.

The moment sparked some “controversy,” shared opinions on social networks, and even covered the Brazilian press, namely the Hugo Gloss portal.

On social media, the same site wrote: “No one expected this at all! Big Brother Portugal ended this Sunday (24th) with Brazilian Bruna Gomes in third place. The winner was a boyfriend he met on a live show, pilot Bernardo Sousa..

“However, the influencer shocked the audience and the boy with a decision that was not surprising. What do you mean, woman ?! 😱 It’s Jesus behind Vixe! Despite the shock, they still made a pretty cute statement! – can read.

Bernardo Sousa did not miss and comment: “Don’t worry about shit that doesn’t exist … A woman who prioritizes herself still upset many people. I’m still here waiting for her ♥ ️” – thus setting an “end point” for controversy.


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