Big Brother: Bruna Gomes gets a (new) plane and fans “rebel”: “It’s a shame …”

This Saturday, April 30, competitors “Big Brother – The Last Challenge” saw another plane pass.

The message of support was addressed to Bruna Gomes and was sent by fans of the Brazilian competitor.

The machine had the following message: “Bru forces it all! Our champion ❤ PT / BR fans”.

Still, on Twitter, supporters of Bruna Gomes hated the program’s production because the moment the machine passed, the cameras didn’t record the competitor’s reaction.

“This is a real pity! What a joke”, “Seriously? We’ve been waiting here so long we won’t even show up? Terrible.” or “Unacceptable, we’re giving the audience a program through Bruna and they’re still responding like this.” – are only part of (many) reactions.


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