Bungie will lose some of the scams after being sued

Last year, Bungie filed a lawsuit against an equal number of companies selling scammers destiny 2, For AimJunkies. This week we made the first partial decision, which unfortunately was favorable to AimJunkies for Bungie.

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly ruled that Bungie had not provided sufficient evidence that AimJunkies had infringed on the copyright in his work by creating scams destiny 2.

“In particular, Bungie has not provided any facts that would explain how the fraudulent software makes an unauthorized copy of any copyrighted work identified in the lawsuit.” Zilly explained his decision. “Bungi’s complaint must be something more than a ‘formal quote from the elements that caused the action.’

However, the decision is only partial, and Bungie’s lawsuit against AimJunkies continues. In addition to accusing the company of cheating on its copyright infringement Destiny The application also lists the misuse of its trade marks, which was not waived by the judge. Zilly has determined that the developer has provided enough evidence for the claim, so the process continues in this section.

AimJunkies is defending itself against the Bungie lawsuit by saying the sale of scams is not banned, so the company would not have done anything illegal. There’s a pretty large list of games they work with, including battlefield, CS: GO and even some are not strictly competitive, such as Elden Ring. At the moment, destiny 2 is no longer listed on the site.

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