City Hall will set up a working group and step up efforts to combat dengue incineration

About 2,000 agents Health Control Units (Uvis) a city representative will conduct a task force that will visit homes and strategic sites in the city of São Paulo. The aim is to control the larvae using biological larvae, transfer barriers, manual elimination of nesting sites, spraying insecticides Ultra Low Volume (UBV) nebulizers meeting the wishes of vehicles and coastal areas and citizens.

By Luiz Artur Caldeira, City Health Coordinatorthe municipal administration is stepping up mosquito control Aedes aegypti due to the seasonal nature of dengue fever, as the incidence of the disease is higher during the year, when climatic conditions due to rain and heat naturally favor the spread of the vector.

THE Municipal Health Agency tIt also strengthened surveillance for dengue and other arbovirus cases by retraining technicians and zoonotic agents and investing in new equipment and work processes. UBVs also increased, as they have four times more power than conventional ones.

In 2021, 2.7 million house-to-house operations were carried out, in addition to 2,157,481 visits to nesting sites and spraying and 38,192 inspections of strategic points, for a total of 4,895,673 measures against dengue fever. In 2022, 926,989 measures have been taken so far, of which 469,393 were home visits, 449,242 were breeding and fog-proofing measures, and 8,354 in addition to inspections at strategic points.

It is important to stress that the population must work together to remain vigilant and take practical measures to prevent the formation of clean standing water inside the house, the backyard and exposure to objects that can contribute to the growth of mosquitoes. .>


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