Emirates pays Space X to send an astronaut to the International Space Station

The UAE has purchased a seat on the SpaceX spacecraft for an astronaut who will complete a six-month stay at the International Space Station, the country’s first long-term mission.

The seat of the SpaceX Falcon 9 was acquired by a Houston-based private company, Axiom Space, a space tourism operator leading the commercialization of the industry, the Alliance of Seven Emirates revealed on Friday.

The mission is scheduled to launch next year from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

This is the second time the United Arab Emirates has sent an astronaut into space since Major Hazzaa al-Mansoori completed an eight-day mission at the International Space Station in 2019.

The UAE statement did not identify the astronaut selected for the 2023 mission or how much the country paid to get a seat on the spacecraft built by Elon Muskin SpaceX.

The cost of the Axiom trip to citizens who paid to get to the International Space Station earlier this month was $ 55 million (about $ 52 million) per person.

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