Fanny reacted to a controversy over her twin and sister’s double pregnancy

Fanny’s sister Carina Rodrigues is pregnant with twins and this Saturday, April 30, made it public the babies are two boys. It was a Revelation organized by Carina and her partner Giovanthat the family received good news.

“We live in a magical moment. My two babies are two princes, I can’t stop crying. I love you with all my might, ”she told social media as she shared a video of the moment she and her boyfriend are firing two blue confetti rockets.

Fanny also shared a video of her sister, and Giovanni’s reaction ended up capturing the attention of the web and triggered a wave of criticism. “What an ugly attitude unfortunately from my father”“Sorry for the correction, but his yarn didn’t even hug his sister, he played nicely! Anyway, “” Man sees this video and we only see Karina alone without her in the open. I thought I was even gone, “” congratulations, however this “father” showed contempt for your sister. We hope everything goes well, “commented a few.

However, Fanny has already responded to the dispute and removed all comments. At this point, it’s not even possible to leave a post in the comment field for that video. The presenter grabbed it right from the start.

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