Fernando Semedo apologizes to his mother: “I’m really sorry”

Fernando Semedo was one of the guests of Manuel Luís Goucha’s program at TVI on Friday, April 28th. The chef, who attended the “Big Brother Famosos” event, spoke about the most significant stages of his life, including the arrest of his mother.

“My mother is an amazing woman, I am very proud of everything my mother has done,” she begins by saying.

“There were very difficult times. I was very frustrated and said the worst words that can be said to my mother. It took a long time to accept what happened,” she admits.

“When I was younger, I had a stage where I was really angry. I exploded quickly and it took a moment to realize that my mother had gotten into something,” he adds, emphasizing the moment that happened when his mother came. home with electronic bracelet ..

“I remember arguing with my mother – because I felt alone in the world, I had no one to help me with school, my life decisions, everything she said to me just annoyed me. I remember once we argued and said, ‘Mom, I lost my friendship for you.’ ” We had a three-week error at home, we didn’t talk to each other.

To this day, I have never apologized to my mother for you. “Mom, if you listen, I apologize for saying that.” I’m really sorry about things in life. It was one of the coldest phrases I have ever said in my life.he said, finally with tears in his eyes.

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