Google Chrome should have the ability to restore closed tabs on Android; the feature is not yet available.


On computers, the generic functionality is being tested for the Android version

Chrome gets a new feature
© Authors: Getty ImagesChrome gets a new feature

THE Google Chrome must allow the user to receive automatically restore all closed tabs in the Android version. The feature, known for computers and Chromebooks, isn’t yet available for mobile phones, but some hints suggest its days have been reached to reach Android.

The “Restore All Tabs” feature recently emerged as an experimental flag in Chromium Gerrit, known as the platform’s shared coding tool. However, since this was recently released, it’s still not possible to predict when the feature would be in Android Chrome..

According to the site PhoneArena, the “restore all tabs” feature may come earlier in the Canary version of Chrome, which is commonly used by developers to test new features. The user can download a trial version of Canary through the Play Store, although errors and certain issues are common.

Finding closed tabs in Chrome on computers and Chromebooks is easy: just look for the “recently closed” option in the “Recent Tabs” section of your browser. If the feature was actually implemented in Chrome on Android, the recovery process is expected to be similar to the one we currently have.

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