Health technicians visit Coar Regional Hospital

This year, the municipality is the third to receive technical teams from NVEH

PHOTOGRAPH: Notification / FVS-RCP

Continuing work within the state to strengthen hospital epidemiological surveillance centers (NVEH), the Amazon Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FCS-RCP), in liaison with the Amazon State Department of Health (SES-AM), conducted a technical visit to Coar until this Friday (April 29). in the municipality (363 kilometers from Manaus).

The technical visit was carried out at the Coari Prefeito Odair Carlos Geraldo Regional Hospital to monitor the detection of reportable diseases (NCD), assessments of prevention, infection control and patient safety, as well as guidance from municipal technical teams.

The strategy follows the timetable implemented by the State Coordination of Hospital Epidemiological Surveillance Centers (CNVEH / FVS-RCP) and the State Health Services Infection Control Board (CECISS), which has already covered the municipalities of Itacoatiara and Manacapuru.

“Our teams continue to visit inland municipalities. It is a major institutional step forward in terms of the quality and organization of rural health services, helping to detect notifiable diseases and provide guidance to local groups, ”emphasizes Tatyana Amorim, Director and Director of FVS-RCP.

Fabiana Bianchet, a supporter of the Ministry of Health (MS) in the Amazon, stresses that NVEH teams in the municipality are focused on investigating and detecting diseases and injuries of general interest to the state.

“This is the third municipality to receive our team, in addition to NVEH, we are monitoring the activities developed by the Hospital Infection Control Board (CCIH) and the Hospital Patient Safety Center,” Fabiana concludes.

Technical visits for health care in the hospital environment will take place until June in three more inland hospitals in Parintins, Tabatinga and Tefés.

Environmental monitoring

Also in Coar, teams from the Environmental Control Department (DVA) and the FVS-RCP conducted a technical visit until this Friday (April 29) to help municipal health professionals. Second rapid Aedes aegypti (LIRAa) index survey of the year.

“Finding out research in the municipality that tells you which neighborhoods are the most polluted, which types of occurrences are most common. Combining all this information will allow us to better target mosquito control and thus reduce the spread of the virus in the community, “says Elder Figueira, Director of DVA / FVS-RCP.


The FVS-RCP is responsible for health surveillance in the Amazon and operates through hospital epidemiological surveillance with continuous monitoring of health problems that may endanger the health of the population in the hospital environment. Through the DVA, the FVS-RCP seeks to prevent and control environmental factors that may interfere with human health.

The facility is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, 4010, Colônia Santo Antônio, Manaus. Contact numbers are (92) 3182-8550 and 3182-8551.

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