MG has a “D-day” flu vaccine this Saturday

The first phase of the vaccination campaign against influenza (influenza) is coming to an end, and only 27.8% of people over 60 have been vaccinated. The D-day of mobilization is this Saturday (30), when the dosing of children will also begin.

In addition to low commitment to care for the elderly, only 30.4% of health care workers, who are also the primary group at this stage, were vaccinated. The overall goal is to achieve a 90 percent vaccination rate, according to the State Department of Health (SES).

People aged 60 years and older received 958,681 doses out of an estimated 3,442,911 people in this age group in Minas Gerais. Of the health workers, 184,414 received the vaccine in the universe of 606,091 professionals.

To vaccinate people, SES is promoting a mobilization day this Saturday (30th), when primary health care units (UBS) across the state will be open to apply for the vaccine. Today, children under the age of six months – four years, 11 months and 29 days – can also be vaccinated.

Starting next week, the campaign will move to a second phase, focusing on pregnant women, women who have given birth, indigenous peoples, the sick and teachers, among others. It is estimated that by June 3, 8,299,488 people will be vaccinated in the state during the two phases of the campaign.

Josianne Dias Gusmão, coordinator of the SES-MG immunization program, explained that those who have not yet been vaccinated and belong to the priority groups should apply to one of the primary health units.

“Healthcare workers over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated against the flu can go to a health center near their home to get vaccinated. Those who were vaccinated against the flu in 2021 and are among the priorities for this year’s campaign should also be vaccinated again.

The trivalent influenza vaccine, provided free of charge by the Unified Health System (SUS) in 2022, is effective against strains H1N1, H3N2 and type B. According to Josianne, annual vaccination prevents serious forms of the disease.

“The vaccine aims to reduce the complications, hospitalizations and mortality caused by influenza virus infections in the vaccine target population. That is why it is very important to look for a job and get a vaccine ”. (With information from Minas)

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