Microsoft plans to introduce a “free” VPN in Edge

Apparently, Microsoft plans to integrate a VPN (Virtual Private Network) into its Edge browser. After all, the new feature has already been discussed on the official blog of the North American giant, and apparently has been developed in collaboration with Cloudflare.

We have no idea yet when it will be available, but if all goes well, it will first appear in test versions of the Microsoft browser (Canary and Dev).

Microsoft plans to introduce a “free” VPN in Edge

Why enable VPN in Edge? Well, according to Microsoft, the idea is to increase the level of security for users as they browse “more sloping” networks. In short, during the championship, when “hacking” is our daily bread, Microsoft wants to help the security industry by providing an encrypted and, above all, secure connection.

What is the fee? Does Microsoft or Cloudflare keep our data? Apparently not! Also, traffic is limited to 1GB. Want more? You have to pay.

According to a blog post, Cloudflare will only have access to diagnostic and support information for 25 hours after logging out.

Edge is not the first browser with a built-in VPN!

If you didn’t know, Opera already has a VPN, and even in the world of Google Chrome, there are several extensions that do the job well. Many for free.

Also, what do you think of all this? Good news for some of the more critical types of browsing, such as home banking. Or is 1GB just stupid? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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