NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter captures images from Mars’ “seven-minute horror”

On February 18, 2021, after nearly eight months of space travel, the Perseverance ATV landed on Mars. Now, a year and two months after the “seven-minute horror” that went down in history, the Ingenuity helicopter managed to capture the rover on the latest flight from the components that helped the rover land on Mars soil. .

In the images shared by NASA, it is possible to observe the “shields” that protected the ATV as it arrived on Mars, part of the parachute, and debris generated from the collision with the planet’s surface at a speed of 126 kilometers. per hour. Many of the suspension lines connecting the parachute and the “shield” are also visible and appear to be intact.

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NASA explains that entering, landing, and landing on Mars is a fast-paced and stressful process, not only for the Earth’s engineers, but also for the spacecraft themselves, which have to withstand extreme conditions.

The images taken by Ingenuity now reveal more details about the process and could help scientists find new ways to ensure that future missions arrive “safely and healthy” on the surface of the Red Planet.

Re-experience Perseverance’s “Seven Minutes of Horror”

According to NASA, Ingenuity is now in a new area of ​​operation at Jezero Crater, a place whose geography is very different from what the helicopter was used to and where the lake and estuary are believed to have been.

Upon reaching the delta, the helicopter makes the observations necessary to determine the best route for the Perseverance ATV. Ingenuity may also play an important role in helping scientists identify potential locations for the Mars soil sampling task.

It is recalled that the Perseverance ATV recently managed to capture impressive images of the eclipse of Phobos, the second of the two moons of Mars. The eclipse was filmed with a Mastcam-Z camera on April 2, 397. Mars Day. The eclipse lasted a little over 40 seconds, but this is by far the longest video ever offered by Perseverance about Phobos ’eclipse and the highest image. course in history.

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