Qualcomm may respond too late to Apple’s M1 processors

The introduction of Apple’s M1 processors moved the market and demonstrated the company’s excellence in creating its hardware. The impressive results achieved by this component forced companies like Qualcomm to seriously explore this market.

Qualcomm quickly announced its interest in releasing PC ARM processors. Such products even come on the market, but too late.

Qualcomm’s first ARM processor for PC will not arrive until the end of 2023

In a presentation of Qualcomm’s financial results, the company’s CEO revealed a schedule for the launch of ARM processors. According to Christian Amon, the first PCs with this component will hit stores “by the end of 2023”.

This calendar represents a delay in the deadlines originally set by Qualcomm. The original goal was to make the first units available to builders in August 2022, but now it has been moved to the second half of the year.

An American technology company claims that this new component will help create a new level of performance on Windows computers. Qualcomm’s focus is not only on performance, but also on the autonomy of its products chips.

Qualcomm did not beat and said these are its answer to Apple’s M-processors. However, they may fail in their goal because their components are released late.

If your goal is to achieve the performance of M1 processors, they will hit the market three years late. By then, Apple may already be designing or even getting an M3 processor line on the market.

It’s still too early to see what Qualcomm’s next processors have to offer. It is necessary to wait for the first benchmarks to understand its level of performance.

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