São Paulo promotes Day D against influenza and measles

More than 3 200 vaccination points are open today (30) in 645 municipalities in the state of São Paulo for a vaccination campaign against influenza and measles. The aim is to vaccinate children and the elderly aged 6 months to 5 years.

To strengthen the campaign, the town hall and the state government set up an airport in Museu Catavento, São Paulo. There are usually a lot of children coming to the museum, especially on Saturdays.

The São Paulo government aims to vaccinate 95% of children, a population of an estimated 12.9 million people. In addition to the measles and flu vaccine, health centers are being prepared to update this vaccination information for children.

Influenza and measles vaccines can be given on the same day. Little Rebeca, 4, daughter of Andrea Miranda, 38, took her mother to the city of São Paulo to take both vaccines at the same time. Smiling, Rebeca said in a report Brazilian agency who dared to take two vaccines. “I didn’t cry,” he said.

“She’s nervous. She was crying a lot. But at the time of the vaccination, she was very calm and not crying. She said it was fun, she smiled and said she would tell everyone it was smooth,” Andrea said. It is because of his development and protection. We always have to be careful and keep an eye on the card to make it look good. We want the best for our children, ”said Rebeca’s mother.

Andrea stressed that vaccines protect. “There’s been talk lately that diseases have broken out and we need to be careful with children,” he confirmed.

According to Luiz Carlos Zamarco, São Paulo’s municipal health secretary, it is important that parents of children over 6 months of age and under 2 years of age take their children to be vaccinated against measles. “The measles vaccine is MMR. It protects against three diseases: measles, rubella and mumps. Child [dessa faixa etária] they do not have a complete immune system. So with vaccination, he develops antibodies and does not develop serious forms of respiratory disease, ”he said.

“It is very important that children aged 6 months and 5 years can visit our UBS [unidades Básica de Saúde] and update vaccination information. There are 16 vaccines that cover 20 diseases, but I want to make a special and important point: the flu and measles. In 2019, we had 9,000 cases of measles in Brazil and in 2021, 9,000 cases of measles in the state of São Paulo alone. And this year, 2022, we have already identified a case of measles in the city of São Paulo. Measles is a disease that is more contagious than covid-19. It is therefore important that children aged 6 months and 5 years update their vaccinations, ”said Ricardo Nunes, Mayor of São Paulo.

He stressed the importance of children taking the flu vaccine as well. “We have a very high number of cases of flu in children. We have 85% occupancy in our intensive care units and pediatric wards due to the flu, ”he said.

Children who cannot be taken to the vaccination point this Saturday will be able to get the flu and measles vaccine from Monday (2).


In addition to children, places are open for giving the flu vaccine to the elderly and health care professionals.

The influenza vaccine (flu) is trivalent and consists of the Darwin subtype H1N1, B and H3N2 viruses, which caused the flu epidemic at the end of last year.

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