SpaceX launches 53 other satellites into space to boost broadband Internet

The company SpaceX announced on Friday that it has launched a new batch of 53 satellites into orbit with the Falcon 9 booster rocket, which will strengthen broadband internet.

According to the Spanish news agency Efen, this Falcon 9 rocket was the same one that on April 8 launched the AZ-1 owned by Axiom Space from the U.S. state of Florida in its first fully private manned mission.

Previously, this booster had already been involved in four missions, but now the mission was to launch 53 Starlink satellites into low-earth orbit from the Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

With this Friday’s launch, SpaceX has already completed 155 launches, 117 of which boosters were recovered, as happened today.

About 2,500 Starkin satellites are in orbit, and 9 of Space16’s 16 launches this year were meant to take satellites to this Internet service into space with more than 250,000 users worldwide.

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