THE BALL – FPF’s ambitious program to ensure the sustainability and future of Portuguese Football

What will the world be like in 2030? How will football change by the end of the decade? And where does Portuguese football want to be in the year when, if things go as expected, it will host (in cooperation with Spain) the World Cup? It is a possible answer (taking into account unforeseen events such as pandemics or wars) to these three questions that the Portuguese Football Association intends to find and anticipate in Football 2030, a strategic plan for a decade already approved by the government and now presented by FPF President Fernando Gomes. , Following the work of Luís Sobral (Managing Director), Mafalda Urbano (Deputy Managing Director) and José Couceiro (Vice – Chair), with the participation of Deloitte Consultant.

The first step in determining the direction the FPF Board intends to take in the near future naturally involved knowing where to start. “High performance of men’s national teams and one of the best men’s professional leagues at European level (6th)”; “A globally recognized line-up with a large number of professional players and coaches in the main series”; “One of the European countries with the largest share of the population interested in football (74%); “The high maturity of the federal structure, which is recognized in the world and has the ability to host major events worldwide,” can be read from the first pages of the plan. Once the premise has been identified, it is time to learn what the Portuguese Football Association thinks should be Portuguese football’s goals for 2030: “Yes, relations with all Portuguese people, the creation of adequate sport, education and social provision for all ages”; through “;” To be the main promoter of equality and honesty in society “;” To be the best coach for players, coaches, referees and other football agents “.

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