“The blow of thought in the morning …”

Nuno Homem de Sá recently started a relationship with his girlfriend when he (as he admitted) fell in love madly after separating from the first edition of TVI’s “Big Brother Famosos” series.

The actor once again accepted the challenge of the channel and is once again in the most watched house in the country. Very attentive to what is happening on the program is Frederica Lima, who on Saturday morning, April 30, turned to social networks to condemn Débora Neves’s gesture.

“She likes it !!! 😍🥰 Saudadeeeessss ❤❤❤❤❤ And yes Débora, you have to start realizing”start typing.

“A woman gives her husband a present and you immediately put your paws and go to a box with someone else’s name without even asking permission.”can still be read.

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