The Google Pixel Watch comes with a battery that won’t surprise you

The last few days have been marked by the disclosure of several details about the Google Pixel Watch. There is not a few details yet to be clarified about the confirmation of the watch naming, the possible price or the actual pictures of the watch.

However, we now know an important detail about Pixel Watch that has not yet been addressed. 9to5 Through Google, we’ll find out what the battery capacity of this smartwatch will be.

The Google Pixel Watch comes with a 300 mAh battery

Sources linked to the Android world in this release refer to the 300 mAh cell of Google’s first smartwatch. Apparently this is the battery for the Pixel Watch 40mm model.

One of the photos that revealed the true look of the Pixel Watch

To better understand the power saving level of the Pixel Watch, we can compare it to the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This product has a 247 mAh cell.

Although the Pixel Watch has a larger battery, the existence of a cellular connection may compromise longer autonomy. This means that the Google Clock should have approximately 24 hours of autonomy.

It is for this reason that the autonomy of the Google Pixel Watch should come as no surprise. Strictly speaking, the longevity of its energy should be in line with that offered by its main competitors.

If you expected that this watch could provide independence for more than one day of use, this should not happen. This may even be possible if you limit the utilization of the gadget, which is not desirable.

It is also important to remember that the Pixel Watch is already certified in three versions. This means that this product comes in three sizes and may have different batteries.

Pixel Watch is expected to make its first appearance at the Google I / O event and will be officially unveiled in October. Its price should range between $ 300 and $ 400, certainly depending on the version.

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