“The smell is terrible.” Clouds containing toxic foam penetrate the streets of Colombia

Alcaldia de Mosquera / Twitter

Toxic foam clouds in Mosquera, Colombia

Unpleasantly smelling clouds of foam penetrated homes, businesses and forced Mosquera residents to flee the city. Authorities urged people not to get too close.

A cloud of bad-smelling toxic foam spilled over a polluted river near Bogota, the capital of Colombia, covering homes and businesses and forcing residents to flee the streets.

“The smell is terrible – we had to put up with this foam for a long time,” he says. Luz Mariela Gómezcommunity leader, for local television channels.

“We’re taking a risk. Someone can fall in there and we won’t find them,” Gómez adds, according to The Guardian.

Photographs of the Mosquera residential area show several clouds of foam covering the sidewalks and flying overhead. The road to the local school had to be closed.

Local environmental authorities said the contaminated foam – which has been seen in the city several times over the last few years – increases due to the immersion of waste, chemicals and detergents in the river system. Heavy rains exacerbated the problem.

The Mosquera mayor’s office shared pictures of the toxic foam on Twitter with city residents.

Gian GeromettaThe mayor of Mosquera claimed that the accumulation of pollution was due in part to the clogging of the river by plants. “We are aware of the risks that this phenomenon may arise,” he explains.

Authorities have also warned locals not to go too close to the foam, which can cause breathing difficulties and skin irritation.

“It is important children are kept awaybecause we don’t yet fully know what this material is, ”stressed Edwin García, an environmental expert.

He also added that a treatment plant in the area has been working to clean up the river since 2020. “We monitor and clean the entire river. prevents the foam from continuing to rise“.

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