Three reds and two goals for Academico de Viseu-FC Porto

Académico de Viseu and FC Porto B draws at the start of the 32nd round of the II Liga SABSEG

Académico de Viseu and FC Porto B made a 1-1 draw today at the start of the 32nd round of the II Liga SABSEG at the Estádio Municipal de Aveiro.

Famana Quizera opened the match for Académico de Viseu and finished the first half in the 45th minute when FC Porto B restored equality for Zé Pedro, aged 85, by changing the penalty kick.

In the draw, the Académico de Viseu is still in 14th place in League II with 34 points, while FC Porto B is in 12th place with 39 points.

FC Porto had to manage with a reduced squad after 76 minutes, as Bernardo Folha got sent off for a needless foul away from the game’s action.

With 83 minutes played, Tiago Mesquita of Académico de Viseu fell dramatically just outside the penalty area. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. FC Porto B.

Already during the compensation period, João Mendes received a deportation order from Adílio after a tough challenge (90 + 4), when FC Porto B dropped to nine units.

Play at Aveiro Municipal Stadium.

Academico de Viseu-FC Porto B: 1-1.

Halftime score: 1-0.


1-0, Famana Quizera, 45 minutes.

1-1, Zé Pedro, 85 (penalty).

– Academician of Viseu: Gril, Mesquita, Ricardo Machado, Filipe Cardoso, Igor Milioransa, Pana, Ericson (Bandeira, 90), Fernando Ferreira (Renteria, 46), Famana Quizera (Paul Ayongo, 58), Juri Araújo (João Vasco, 90) ) and Daniel Nussbaumer (Adílio, 73).

(Options: Janota, Musa Yahaya, André Claro, Renteria, Romy Silva, João Vasco, Bandeira, Adílio and Paul Ayongo).

Coach: Pedro Ribeiro.

– FC Porto B: Francisco Meixedo, Rodrigo Ferreira, Zé Pedro, João Marcelo (Romain Correia, 87), João Mendes, Rodrigo Fernandes (Vasco Sousa, 72), Mor Ndiaye, Bernardo Folha, Gonçalo Borges, Varela and Peglow (Tomás Esteves) ), 62).

(Alternatives: Ivan Cardoso, Romain Cardoso, Tavares, Tomás Esteves, Vasco Sousa, Diogo Ressurreição, Levi Faustino, Ejaita and Leonardo Borges).

Coach: António Folha.

Referee: Gustavo Correia (AF Porto).

Disciplinary action: yellow card for João Marcelo (12), Mesquita (39 and 82), Igor Milioransa (60) and João Vasco (90 + 1). Direct red card for Bernardo Folha and João Mendes (90 + 4) and stacking for Mesquita (82).

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