Ukraine. A U.S. mercenary was shot down in a fight with Russian troops

U.S. citizen Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, the father of a seven-month-old baby, worked as a prison guard in Tennessee and was hired by a private company shortly before the start of the Ukrainian war, Mother Rebecca said. Cabrera to CNN. The company sent it to the Polish border on 13 March.

According to Cabrera, in a telephone interview, “he wanted to go because he believed what Ukraine was fighting for and he wanted to participate, curb [a guerra] there so that he will not come here and that our American soldiers will not be involved. ” Cancel’s mother added that she was fighting with people from “very different countries”.

Cabrera further said of Ukraine’s defense that “it was something he believed from the bottom of his heart, which was right. He was the kind of man who made progress when everyone else withdrew, and many others were with them as soon as they retreated.”

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