Who is leaving? TVI asks fans and the answers leave no doubt: “Unbeatable …”

The “Big Brother Final Challenge” began last Sunday, April 24, and has sparked curiosity among TVI format followers who have “penetrated” comment boxes on social networks to express their views on the progress of the events. . events (and controversies) in the most guarded house in the country.

This Sunday, May 1, one of the candidates will be fired and TVI asked Internet users via Instagram: “Tomorrow we have the first competitor kicked out of this final challenge! 🔥 Who do you think it is? 👁”can be read in the title of the publication.

The answers (mostly) refer to two names: Débora Neves and Gonçalo Quinaz are the “favorites” of the followers of the program’s official website who leave home: “Unsudited Deborah 🤮”, “by excluding parts of Quinaz”, “Please leave with Deborah” or “Out with Gonçalo“, are just a few examples.

Remember that in the Hyper Fm vote (which you can still vote here), Gonçalo Quinaz is the most voted outgoing competitor, followed by Débora Neves.


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