WWE SmackDown (29.04.2022): Beat The Clock Challenge

WWE aired the second version of SmackDown this Friday on FOX from MVP Arena in Albany, New York, on its way to WrestleMania Backlash on May 8th.


– Drew McIntyre wins Sami Zayn (Steel Cage Match)
– WWE’s intercontinental champion Ricochet defeated Shanky
– Raquel Rodriguez defeated Cat Cardoza
– WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi defeated Shayna Baszler
– Xavier Woods beat Ridge Holland
– Sheamus defeated Kofi Kingston
– Ronda Rousey defeated Shotz
– SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair v Aliyah (Time Limit Tie)


– Drew McIntyre wins Sami Zayn (Steel Cage Match): Sami Zayn tried to escape at the opening (who knew…), but Drew McIntyre dominated his rival without major problems, but in a somewhat unexpected way, the “Great Liberator” turned the pace in his favor.

The “Master Strategist” dominated the Scot for several minutes, but with his usual aggression he regained control of this steel cage match. However, Sami Zayn tried to escape from the cage whenever he could.

Eventually, Drew McIntyre grabbed Sami Zayn from the top of the cage and landed a superplex before applying yours Claymore Kick and finally beat this one of your competitors pin

After looking at material about signing the deal a week earlier, SmackDown women’s champion Charlotte Flair was interviewed and explained that she would never embarrass herself and say “I’ll quit!” and when Ronda Rousey does so, she will never appear on the WWE program again.

Next, we had a Happy Talk version where Happy Corbin doesn’t waste time insulting Madcap Moss because he had this request to bring the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Prize into the ring. Happy Corbin didn’t expect Madcap Moss to appear on his back and attack his old friend quite aggressively, causing him to retreat.

– WWE’s intercontinental champion Ricochet defeats Shanky: Shanky used his greatest power to control the “One and Only” for several minutes, and Jinder Mahal caused a disruption that almost helped the giant win, but in the end pin quickly, Ricochet took the win and retained his title.

Immediately after the match, Jinder Mahal kicked Shanky out of defeat, but he got tired of listening to his partner and left.

Behind the scenes, Raquel Rodriguez explained that he was nervous, but he makes an impression that no one will forget.

– Raquel Rodriguez wins Cat Cardoza: Rookie’s opponent attacked him before the match started to see if he had the momentum, but Raquel Rodriguez was quite dominant and Cat Cardoza didn’t even have a chance to betray. Eventually, Raquel Rodriguez hit him Chingona bomb and won his debut.

Ludwig Kaiser then spoke of all of Gunther’s actions, the latter saying that everyone was suffering at his hands.

In the ring, we signed a deal for a Tag Team title match, and Usos didn’t waste time offending RK-Bro when Riddle wondered why the competitors didn’t have their names on their jerseys because he couldn’t separate them.

Randy Orton also returned the violations and we had a brawlwhere the Raw Tag Team Champions got better at it, which brought the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion to the ring to help their cousins ​​and break the contract.

Bloodline got better from this 3-2 attack, but Drew McIntyre came into the ring and after getting The Usos out of the way he faced the face of a “tribal chief”, and the Scot threw himself into the champion and made him out of the ring after a. suplex.

In Adam Pearce’s office, Paul Heyman went to talk to a WWE clerk and explained that the “tribal chief” is angry with Drew McIntyre and that’s why he wants the member team reunion at WrestleMania Backlash to turn into a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Between Bloodline and Drew McIntyre and the RK-Bron trio.

– WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi beats Shayna Baszler: Naomi put her agility into battle, but Shayna Baszler suddenly took the lead and the “Queen of Patak” ruled for a few moments, but Naomi pin won the battle quickly.

Immediately after the match, Natalya attacked Naomi and Sasha Banks did not save her partner and the main candidates destroyed two champions.

at behind the scenes, Sheamus and Ridge Holland were still worried about Butch’s disappearance. The new days decided when they stepped in to ruin Butch’s disappearance.

– Xavier Woods defeats Ridge Holland: Ridge Holland stepped in aggressively, but Xavier Woods used his experience to gain momentum, but the British once again used their power and aggression to control the New Day fighter for several minutes.

When Ridge Holland seemed to win by a power bombWith Xavier Woods a pin quickly won a new victory. Sheamus was shocked by the defeat of his defender and took the microphone and challenged Kofi Kingston to the match.

– Sheamus defeats Kofi Kingston: Sheamus aggressively controlled his old rival and dominated his rival for several minutes, but within minutes Kofi Kingston equalized the pace of this match.

In the end, the New Day fighter seemed to be doing better, but the “Celtic Warrior” generation was followed by his brogue kick won the victory. When the match was over, Ridge Holland attacked Xavier Woods and ended this attack a power bomb which made your competitors cross the table.

Then we got Lacey Evans to tell the second chapter of her life.

– Ronda Rousey wins Shotz: Shotzi tried to escape to ruin Ronda Rousey’s time, but when he got his opponent Ankle lock and won after 1 minute and 41 seconds.

– SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair v Aliyah (Time Limit Tie): Aliyah, on the other hand, did not escape and tried to fight the master, but the “queen” turned the battle in his favor, but ended up losing too much time and when he applied Figure 8 – Leg locktime ran out and it turned out that Ronda Rousey won this Beat The Clock Challenge.

Charlotte Flair lost her temper for this defeat and blamed Drew Gulak and attacked him to avenge his defeat.

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