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40 minutes: Sporting’s second mistake.

39 minutes: Barcelona goal! Didac Plana, who takes advantage of the fact that Sporting is playing in a 5×4 game and therefore does not have a goalkeeper in the goal, shoots 4-0 within his own penalty area.

37 minutes: Yellow card for Bernat Povill.

36 minutes: Zicky Té, on the edge of the field, shoots another defense for Didac Plana.

35 minutes into the game, Erick Mendonça had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide.

34 minutes in, Didac Plana made an incredible run up the middle and nearly reduced the home side’s lead, but Fernando Cardinal refused to let the ball slip by him.

33 minutes: Sporting playing 5×4. Alex Merlin plays the ball through. There are 7 and a half minutes left in the game.

33 minutes into the game, Matheus Rodrigues managed a counterattack, but Guitta took a soft shot from the left flank that was easy prey for the alert keeper.

31 minutes: Yellow card for Erick Mendonça.

31 minutes: Sporting’s first mistake.

31 minutes: Long range shot by Alex Merlim, fight against Didac Plana.

31 minutes: Barcelona’s third mistake.

29 minutes: Waltinho’s pass and Tomás Paçón’s strong shot, far over the bar.

28 minutes: Barcelona’s second mistake.

27 minutes into the match, Michelangelon’s Erick Mendonça curled his shot perfectly to beat Didac Planan, who dived the right way.

27 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 0 – 5 as Adolfo Fernández finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick.

26 minutes: Fernando Cardinal Long range shot, left foot, safe defense Didac Plana.

25 minutes: Great shot by Pitolta to Carlos Ortiz, who succeeds to clear the ball.

24 minutes: Marcenion passes and Bernat Povilli’s shot to Guitta’s careful defense.

24 minutes: Alex Merlin baited, Bernat Povill blocked the corner.

23 minutes: Yellow card for Dyego and Fernando Cardinal.

21 minutes: Barcelona’s first mistake.

21 minutes: Barcelona goal! A long pass by Carlos Ortizin and Ferrão shot over the left wing, Guittan scored from the left. 3-0.

The beginning of the second part!

Sporting arrives at a half-time disadvantage, in the first half, marked by balance, but where Barcelona proved more effective. During the last five minutes of this initial phase, Sérgio Lozano and Pito scored goals that gave the Catalan emblem an advantage.

Of course, everything is open for another 20 minutes, where, of course, the men of Nuno Dias increase the pressure and try to create even more finishing situations so that they can reverse the course of events.

The scenario to be added is identical to last season’s final. Remember that Barcelona also scored half-time at the time, winning 2-0, but Sporting then managed to turn the text around and win 4-3, winning his second European Championship. Does history repeat itself?

Interval! Barcelona 2 Sporting 0.

20 minutes: Yellow card for Tomás Paçólle.

20 minutes: Fifth mistake made by Sporting.

20 minutes: Diego Cavinato crosses the ball into the back of the net for Didac Plana.

19 minutes: Barcelona goal! Pito, getting the ball back close to the midfield line, shot 2-0.

19 minutes: Dyegon shot to Guitta’s hard fight.

18 minutes: A technical break requested by Barcelona coach Jesús Velasco.

17 minutes: Excellent work from Sito, worked his back towards the goal and then let go of Marcênio, who shoots a little to Guitta’s right post.

16 minutes: Barcelona’s fourth mistake.

16 minutes: Barcelona goal! Sérgio Lozano swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors’ defense were able to clear the ball. 1-0.

16 minutes: Barcelona’s third mistake.

15 minutes: Barcelona’s second mistake.

15 minutes: A powerful shot by Matheus Rodrigues, still outside the area, and the ball hits Guitta’s left post before leaving.

13 minutes: Diego Cavinato beats the aid and Zicky Té shoots right into the corner of Didac Plana’s defense.

13 minutes: Technical break requested by Sporting coach Nuno Dias.

12 minutes: After recovering Tomás Paçón, Fernando Cardinal scored from the left post.

11 minutes: Yellow card for Nuno Dias (sports coach).

10 minutes: Yellow card for Waltinho.

10 minutes: Sporting’s fourth mistake.

9 minutes: Marcênio, on the edge of the area, shoots Guitta’s defense. On recharging, Ferrão shoots Diego Cavinato’s legs.

9 minutes: Alex Merlim’s left foot cross shot to Didac Plana’s cautious counterattack.

8 minutes: Diego Cavinato tries his luck, still outside the area, but the shot of the Italian national team collides with Dyego and does not go towards Didac Plana’s goal.

8 minutes: Yellow card for Michelangelo.

8 minutes: Sporting’s third mistake.

7 minutes: Sérgio Lozano tried to take the lead with a shot from over on the left. A prompt block by Zicky Té saved the home team that time.

6 minutes into the match, Guitta’s attack got through on the right, but Didac Plana couldn’t handle the ball and his feeble kick wound up in the keeper’s arms. And Tomás Paçó, next to the column, could not control the detour very little …

5 minutes: Barcelona’s first mistake.

5 minutes into the game, de Piton managed a counterattack, but Matheus Rodrigues took a soft shot from the left flank that was easy prey for the alert keeper.

4 minutes: Sporting’s second mistake.

4 minutes: Alex Merlim shoots on the left to fight Didac Plana.

4 minutes: Sporting’s first mistake.

3 minutes: Adolfo Fernández cut the ball and saved Guitta.

2 minutes: Alex Merlim shot and Didac Plana blocked the corner.

Start of the match!

Barcelona: Didac Plana, André Coelho, Dyego, Adolfo Fernández and Ferrão

Alternates: Alex Lluch, Miquel Feixas, Bernat Povill, Matheus Rodrigues, Sérgio Lozano ÇNicolás Marrón, Pito, Marcenio and Carlos Ortiz

Trainer: Jesus Velasco

Sport: Guitta, Tomás Paço, João Matos ÇDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Alternates: Bernardo Paçó, Zicky Té, Fernando Cardinal, Erick Mendonça, Pauleta, Waltinho, Miguel Ângelo and Esteban Guerrero

Trainer: Nuno Dias

Referees: Nikola Jelic and Vedran Babic (Croatia)

There are already teams!

Jesús Velasco is waiting for this final: “We are ready and our motivation could not be greater. The players are a little tired after Benfica’s effort, but this game still gives us more strength for the final. There is not much to say about sporting because now everyone knows how good they are. They’re where they deserve to be and defend the champions, we’re talking about a top team that stands out from the crowd at every moment of the game.

Waiting for this finale, Nuno Dias said: “The team is in good shape both mentally and physically. It’s no secret that we’re facing a very difficult opponent, but we’re going to prepare in the best possible way to redeem the title. I think the best way to explain our success in recent years is to we are always in a continuous process of learning Barcelona is a team that is used to winning and the way it beat Benfica tells you everything you need to know about them, our success depends on our ability to win the times when we have to suffer and others when we have to be effective , when we are superior. “

Looking specifically at the coaches of these two teams, we are present with two real-world futsal icons: Nuno Dias, who reached 50 games in the Champions League (always in service) in the semifinals against ACCS. Sporting), and Jesús Velasco, who played 57 matches in the competition, are the two most coached coaches in Europe ‘s most prestigious club competition.

But history still tells (much) more about Sporting: the green and white badge is the first to reach the five finals in six seasons and may be the first to win three European championships in four seasons.

Still on the Leo outlook, it should be noted that if Sporting wins this afternoon’s match, it will be among the limited number of teams that managed to win the trophy for two consecutive seasons – so far only Playas Castellón and Inter. Movistar (both from Spain) succeeded.

Both Sporting and Barcelona, ​​let’s add, were in the final five. The lions won two and lost three and conversely the Catalans won three and lost two. Today, anything can be tied to this chapter … Inter Movistar (Spain), it should be noted, is the team that has mostly been in the Champions League final (8), and is also a record of the trophies won (5).

It’s worth remembering that Sporting has a chance to win the third Champions League in its history (after the champions achieved in 2018/2019 and 2020/2021), and if that happens, the Nuno Dias team will win Barcelona with three trophies. won.

Sporting will face Barcelona this afternoon (16 hours) in a match that will decide the European futsal championship. As always, A BOLA online will follow all the events of the match where the lions want to repeat the achievement of last season when they won Barcelona accurately (4-3). Come on, dear reader …

Good afternoon!

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