BALL – Abel quotes Guardiola to defend player (Palmeiras)

Palmeiras defeated Série D’s Juazeirensen 2-1 this Saturday in the first leg of the third round of the Brazilian Cup.

The difficulties encountered are justified by the need to rotate the team and were acknowledged by coach Abel Ferreira.

“Within the mandatory minimum services, it was necessary to win the game and we did it. The players tried, created, in addition to two goals, we had four more chances, in our possession. It is our duty to win and to pass, it is our duty, ”he said.

Abel Ferreira was asked about the difficulty of adjusting Colombian midfielder Atuesta, and he went on to give a long presentation on Brazilian pressure.

“You cut a lot, you criticize you for not giving players room to grow. But they are the ones who play. Look what Guardiola said when he was asked if it was easier when he was a player or now as a coach. He said I don’t play, I don’t kick, I don’t across, I do not enter.I put the players on the field, but they are the ones who make the difference.He is a player who has just arrived, he is an alien, he has quality.You wrote yourself that you had I do not know how many assists, I do not know how many goals. .. Yes, you’re not in the best shape. I don’t want to hide, but I don’t kill anyone either. You need to understand that position better, it’s there because Jailson is injured, ”he underlined.

“We are here to help everyone, as we have always done and we will continue to do so. We believe in these players, these are the players who have brought us joy, we are here to help. When the players are bad, it is my responsibility, I did not give the right instructions, I gave the feedback was not the most correct. The time is not the same for everyone. Some adapt easily, others take longer. You have to give confidence, “he added.

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