BALL – Jorge Fonseca protests but was eliminated in the first European match (Judo)

The surprise happened at Armeets Arena. A brilliant candidate for the title of European Champion in the 71st round of the championship ending today in Sofia, Bulgaria, the two-time world champion and ranking leader Jorge Fonseca (-100kg) soon fell, citing his first fight. for the second round, the Polish Piotr Kuczera (67th in the rankings) with an ippon 1.28 minutes from the end.

This season unbeaten in a total of 13 matches collected in wins at the Grand Prix de Portugal (January), the European Open in Prague (March) and the Grand Slam in Antalya (April), 28-year-old Jorge started even better. encounter with a pole. , is always more dangerous and gets a wazar at an altitude of 1.02 meters.

However, despite Fonseca’s attempts to resolve the confrontation, Kuczera ended up nullifying the Portuguese champion’s interest with a counterattack from 1.28 meters away, reflecting Sporting’s judoka as he rose to try to overthrow his opponent without failure.

If the referee had started scoring a wazar for a Pole, after the referees looked at the pictures on the video at the table, the decision was turned into an ippon while Fonseca was still protesting on the tatami, but nothing was changed.

To everyone’s surprise, the great world champion and bronze medalist at the Tokyo Games, who spectacularly dominated all the opponents he faced, was on his way early, he didn’t have a chance to get a replay because he would have had to go for it. for the next round – end quarters.

Jorge Fonseca will compete in the European Championships for the eighth time, but this time it won’t happen that Jorge Fonseca will win the desired title and retain the Prague 2020 Series bronze as his best and only podium ever.

When Piotr Kuczera reached the semi-finals minutes later, also overtaking Spanish Nikoloz Sherazadishvili (35th), the former -90kg World Championship that rose this season in the series and even faced Fonseca a month ago in the series finals. Antalya GS.

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