Benfica defeats ACCS and finishes futsal in Champions 3rd – Futsal

The match ended with a victory for Benfica (2-5) !!

0 ‘- The match between ACCS and Benfica ends in a victory for the Eagles (2-5). In a game where they were always superior, the Reds thus took 3rd place in the futsal Champions League.

Benfica came to dominate and wanted to open the goal at an early stage, which created many difficulties in getting into the ACCS attack and many offensive dynamics that make life difficult for the French team. However, it wasn’t until thirty seconds before the break that Tayebi finished in the best way after passing the throw-in.

In the second half, history repeated itself. Benfica returned to the top and scored another goal after 10 minutes via Chishkala in a shot that suffered Ricardinho’s deflection, leaving the Portuguese inconsolable. ACCS narrowed down seven minutes from the end, but just six seconds later, Benfica scored again. With the goalkeeper already on the field on the French side, the last three goals came. Three minutes into the end, Lutin made 2-3 and still gave ACCS hope, but the shots from Jacarén and Henmin in the end and a failed goal would bring the end result.

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