Big brother: Leandro and Gonçalo Quinaz get a plane with a common message: “Is this a laugh?”

THE “Big Brother – The Last Challenge” It’s hot, and the planes won’t stop arriving, this Saturday, April 30, at Malveira’s house.

Bruna Gomes got a plane this afternoon that sparked a revolt in production on the part of a competitor’s supporters (see here).

However, Leandro and Gonçalo Quinaz together received an aircraft with a support message.

“Leandro and Quinaz stronger together” – can be read on the banner above the most guarded house in the country.

On Twitter, webmasters respond immediately: “I would say Leandro and Quinaz together don’t make one man”, “Stronger and holding hands to go out, right ?!” or “The funniest machine in this edition, definitely 😂” – a few examples.

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