BOLA – W52-FC Porto new sports leaders (Cycling)

Due to the banning of Nuno Ribeiro and José Rodrigues by the Criminal Court of Porto, W52-FC Porto will announce Jorge Henriques, former cyclist and former sports director of Efapel Cycling, as sports director, as well as Válter. Sousa, who has already worked on several teams, including Miranda-Mortágua.

The order came after the “Operation Prova Limpa” operation launched by the judiciary and the ADoP. The goal was to get the teams of the Portuguese Cycling Federation and the UCI in shape.

“After analyzing the situation and talking to the cyclists, we reached an agreement with Jorge Henriques and Válter Sousa, two well-known people in cycling and responsible men, which is the most important thing in this difficult time we are living.” revealed A BOLA, in charge of blues and whites, Adriano Quintanilha.

“The team ends today [ontem] internship at Paredes, but we’ll probably get the whole group together again on Wednesday or Thursday. The results of the analyzes carried out at the Trancoson Hotel are still awaiting, and trusting the cyclists, they do not apply to us because they must be negative. As for the confiscated products, it can only worry those who have eventually avoided it, because even though I’m in charge of the team, I don’t know what they’re doing while outside the team, ”he added, ruling out the possibility of a run on the 15th, Tour of Albergaria.

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