Day D and the start of influenza and measles vaccinations are well committed

This Saturday, 29 units will serve the population until 3 p.m.


May 1, 2022 – 9:06 in the morning

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“Vaccinations are a big step in disease safety. Everyone should be aware of this and look for health posts for vaccinations. ”The petition was made by Dr. Paulo Hirano, the municipal health secretary, during Day D and the start of vaccinations against influenza and measles at the age of six months and 4 years, 11 months and 29 days, this Saturday morning (30 ), Cidade da Criança On the same day, the Municipal Sports Foundation (FME) – formerly the AABB – is in the process of administering an influenza vaccine to the elderly over the age of 60 and to healthcare professionals who are also receiving a dose of the measles vaccine.

This Saturday, 29 units will be open to serve the population from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. recalls that the vaccine protects against the Darwin subtype H1N1 viruses, strains B and H3N2, which caused the epidemic at the end of last year. To obtain the vaccines, a vaccination card, a photo ID and a residence card must be presented.

Hirano stressed the importance of vaccinations because the flu is the gateway to severe pneumonia, which even leads to hospitalization and serious complications. “Only the vaccine prevents the measles virus, so it is very important that all parents take their children with the vaccine and also against the flu,” the doctor pointed out.

Dr. Rodrigo Carneiro, director of primary health care, said the flu vaccine is updated annually according to these most common cases and therefore needs to be given every year.

“The types of viruses that spread in the population in the previous year are constantly being monitored. We had an epidemic of the H3N2 subtype, for example, and it already exists in the current vaccine. That is why it is so important that all the reported groups look for places and are vaccinated with the flu vaccine so that we do not get an increase in the number of cases, as we had at the end of 2021, ”Carneiro emphasized.

The infectious disease expert stressed that two vaccines can be given at the same time, “We are even trying not to take the opportunity when children in particular come to the vaccination points, we have already seized the opportunity to update the vaccination card. Especially today, our focus is on the flu and measles. “

Dr. Rodrigo, measles is a disease that worries a lot because it is one of the most contagious of all that exists. It is a potentially serious pathology, and the only way to avoid recurrence is through vaccination.

“In other parts of Brazil, we have already confirmed cases. Here in the North Flumence area, we do not have any indigenous (natural) measles cases in the area, but we are at risk because vaccination coverage (coronavirus) has declined due to the pandemic. That is why it is so important for us to strengthen the need for measles vaccinations with the population, because we do not want the disease to spread again in our area, ”he confirmed.

Manicure Cristiane Gama, 46, said she wants to keep her 3-year-old son Felipe’s vaccination records up to date. “Vaccinations are very important because if we want our children to have a healthy future and a healthy life, we need to start vaccinations from an early age. I will always involve him in every campaign and make it a priority. “

Another who also took his son for vaccinations was mason Rafael Pereira, 34 years old. She celebrated that she managed to vaccinate her firstborn, a 4-year-old. “My wife even took her to a private hospital, but there was no vaccine, so we found out about the campaign and came here, thank God.

Exclusive stations for the vaccination of the elderly and healthcare professionals:

Municipal Sports Foundation (formerly AABB)

Guarus Plaza Shopping

Unique position for vaccination of children aged 6 months to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days:

Children’s city

Unique stations for vaccination of the elderly and children aged 6 months to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days:

Guarus Health Center

UBS in Custodópolis

UBS Eldorado

UBS Penha

UBS Ponta Grossa

UBS Santa Maria

UBS Saturnino Braga

UBS stumps


UBS Vila Nova

Dores de Macabun UBSF

UBSF Félix Miranda


UBSF Lagamar

UBSF Lagoa de Cima

UBSF Morangaba

UBSF Parque Imperial

UBSF Parque Prazeres

UBSF bus park

UBSF Poço Gordo

UBSF Ponta da Lama

UBSF Santo Amaro

UBSF Santos Dumont

UPH Santo Eduardo

UPH Indentation

UPH Ururaí

Source: Campos Town Hall

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