Dengue control team arrives in the vicinity of Jabuticabeiras and Nova Esperança this Monday

The municipality of Umuarama is taking joint action to combat dengue fever by collecting waste and rubbish from the Jabuticabeiras and Nova Esperança de Umuarama areas. The activity will take place next Monday (May 2) and it is recommended that the population leave the materials on the sidewalk of the dwellings.

As announced, the aim of the working group is to reduce the chances of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito spreading by reducing the number of places that serve as breeding grounds for the animal, such as pools containing old furniture, old tires and standing water.


Currently, several areas of Umuarama are in the dengue epidemic. According to data published by the Environmental Health Surveillance Service, there are currently outbreaks of dengue in seven areas, and according to the latest report, there are 81 confirmed cases.

The outbreak covers the districts of the UBS Centro de Saúde Escola with 170 cases; Panorama, 69; Central Post Office, 44; Guarani / Anchieta, 40; and Jardim Cruzeiro with 35 positive results.

The other places are on alert – 26 de Junho, Cidade Alta, Jabuticabeiras, Jardim União, Jardim Lisboa, Ouro Branco, Primeiro de Maio, San Remo, Sonho Meu and Vitória Régia. Low dengue fever comes from the health units Bem-Estar, Industrial and São Cristóvão.

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