Depp and the public laugh at questions about genitals from Amber Heard’s lawyer

Depp and the public laugh at questions about genitals from Amber Heard’s lawyer

The hypermedia trial has been marked by unusual and problematic disclosures by both actors.

The courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, continues to serve as a stage for the media and a controversial trial where Johnny Depp and Amber Heard face to face. The actress sued her ex-wife, also as an actress, for defamation following an opinion paper signed by Heard in The Washington Post in 2018.

A report of several shocking and problematic episodes that took place during the relationship between the two has marked sessions that also feature caricature moments, such as the one played by Amber’s attorney last Thursday, April 28, which made Depp and the public laugh.

When the artist’s bodyguard admitted to hearing screams while she was with the couple on a trip to Australia in 2015, a professional asked her if she had seen the boss in the lobby when she entered the house. After Malcolm Connolly’s confirmation, two strange questions followed: “And Mr. Depp was urinating in the lobby, right?” Here the answer was no. Here the lawyer has put a nose on the cake: “Mr. Depp took out his penis, right?”

“I think I would have remembered if I had seen Mr. Depp’s penis,” Security replied as the actor and several members present in the courtroom could not help but laugh.

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