Diogo Amaral devotes dedicated Internet users to Jessica Athayde: “Beautiful words”

This Sunday, May 1st, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Diogo Amaral tagged a date on their Instagram page by sharing an image Jessica Athayde with her son Oliverwith beautiful ownership.

One thing everyone has in common is the first voice they hear. Mother’s heartbeat. This constant rhythm is the first connection each of us knows, not to our minds, but to our hearts. There we find comfort and safety, even in the darkest places. It is what unites us and what “suffers” us when we are separated. The heart has its own magic: love. Happy Mother’s Day [Feliz Dia da Mãe]”wrote in caption.

The actor’s Followers moved. “Beautiful words”, “I’m going to steal … I couldn’t say better” and “What a wonderful woman you have there. Congratulations” there were some comments.

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Remember that Jessica Athayde and Diogo Amaral broke up in 2019 and gave love another chance. They have a two-year-old son, Oliver.

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