Erdogan called Le Pen’s loss a “victory”

“The elimination of extreme views and the defeat in the French election is, I think, a victory, because everything we suffer is due to extremism,” Erdogan told reporters on a plane returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Marine Le Pen, who claims to want to “fight Islamic ideology” and defend a “curtain ban in public space”, lost to President Emmanuel Macron last Sunday but registered a record 41.5 per cent vote for the far right.

“I hope this election will result in our relationship [com a França] are in a much better position, “added the Turkish president.

In recent years, Erdogan has repeatedly clashed with his French counterpart, accusing him of “leading a campaign of hatred” against Muslims, defending comic book freedom, or the French government’s struggle against radical Islam.

In 2020, Erdogan even expressed the hope that France would “get rid of” Macron “as soon as possible.”

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