GTA 6 | A Rockstar Games employee responds to a fan who asked for game information

THE Rockstar games already confirmed the following Grand Theft Autowhich fans currently know as GTA 6, some players are desperate for information about the game and they turn twitter employees to get something.

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Because of a very strict policy Rockstar gamesno employee can talk about the game as long as they signed the contracts NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) which prohibit the sharing of informal information.

Whether he knew this or not, the fan desperately needs information GTA 6 went to try his luck with a company employee Rockstar games and at least got a curious answer.

A Rockstar Games employee mocks an annoying fan who asked about GTA 6

This employee must be tired of receiving messages asking for information about GTA 6

Profile GTANewsLeaks Jordan Garland asked, “Please, I know I’m annoying and people always ask this, but could you send me something about it? GTA 6? Just one thing, thanks !!!! I’m not telling anyone, and I’m not telling you I’m so excited GTA 6 that I watch 7 times a day if there is a new leak “

Likewise the answer wreath it was, to put it mildly, pretty curious: “Okay … Here’s the logo, now shut up.” See the original discussion below:

In brief, GTA VI confirmed Rockstar games and it must be released Windows PC, Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5.

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