“I wanted to start, he was afraid …”

at “Big Brother – The Last Challenge”Gonçalo Quinaz had already revealed that he was living in a new relationship, and this Saturday, April 30, he made new revelations.

In a conversation with Débora Neves, the competitor began by explaining: “In the relationship I have at the moment, I was the one who made the invitation, I was the one who really showed interest. In a way, I was the one who originally really wanted to start a relationship with a person..

“One might even think it was early because I was afraid I wanted things to be calmer, but I don’t regret anything, I don’t do anything. It was something I thought might be a moment or… but I fell in love with the person at the time and I didn’t fall. ” – he confessed.

Curious Débora Neves asked: “Do you think I know the person? I think I know who it is” – but Gonçalo Quinaz replied: “No, you don’t. You can know by knowing who that person is, not by depriving yourself.”.

The competitor explained: “Yes, I don’t know him personally, but I think he has to be the one I’m going to meet.” – and the former football player wanted to break the stubbornness: “Tell me one letter, don’t say a name”.

When Débora Neves said the words “J”Gonçalo Quinaz confirmed and added: “My girlfriend is beautiful, she’s beautiful. Pretty pretty. I’m not just talking from the outside, I’m really talking about it as a person. I was pleasantly surprised..

“He’s the complete opposite of it, he doesn’t publish pictures, he doesn’t take pictures (…) he doesn’t publish. Work, home, family… and I think it’s good for me too. It’s different and I think I needed it too, it’s been good for me. ” – he quit.

Remember that according to Dioguinho, Gonçalo Quinaz’s girlfriend is Jéssica Maria, a former competitor “House of Secrets 3” who, oddly enough, launched an appeal to deport one candidate “Big Brother – The Last Challenge” (here).

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