It will take a decade to get the Platinum Cup from the new PlayStation game

The new version of the PlayStation will take players at least 10 years to reach platinum, which is a big annoyance to the PlayStation community. The Platinum Trophy is the best trophy in all PlayStation games. When a player opens the second to last trophy, he receives platinum, which basically tells the other players that person is 100% ready for that game. It’s nothing but bragging, but it’s good. Trophy hunters aren’t completely new to the solitaire concept, there are many challenging games that require a huge waste of time to complete them, but the player is usually active to make it happen.

right now, the long-awaited version of Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Players do not have to do anything in the game for 10 years to receive the “Super Go Outside” award. If you accidentally open the game in year 5, you will have to start over. The Cup requires players not to play the game for a full decade, which means it’s only possible in April 2032. Of course, if you’re a tournament hunter, you know that technically you don’t have to play by these rules. The only way the game knows that 10 years have passed is through the console’s internal clock, so it’s possible that if you set the PlayStation’s clock to exactly 10 years after playing the game, you can unlock the trophy. While that’s not certain, it’s unlikely that many people will remember coming back to the game in 10 years, especially if the PlayStation 6 comes out by then. The game is also available for the Xbox, so if gamers want an easy (or very hard) 100 Gamerscore, it can probably be achieved in the same way on Microsoft consoles.

I’ve done several games before, so players can only unlock trophies and achievements after a certain amount of time. Batman city It was famous for this, so players had to visit the calendar man in the dungeon during each big real-life vacation to unlock the trophy / achievement. Sure, many used the internal clock loophole, but some people waited an entire year to open it.

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