Nancy Pelosi says US will support Kiev “until victory”

Nancy Pelosi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev to discuss “security, humanitarian aid, financial assistance and, ultimately, reconstruction when the victory is achieved,” the official revealed at a news conference in Rzeszow, Poland today.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the highest-ranking U.S. leader visiting Ukraine since the start of the war on February 24, and he led a congressional Democratic delegation to Kiev this Saturday to meet with President Zelensk.

In Poland, reporters asked Pelos about the danger that US support could lead to “some worse”: “Let me speak for myself. Don’t be afraid of bullies. If they threaten you, you can’t back down. We’re fighting there and you can’t give up on the bully,” he said. said quoted by news agency EFE.

In his meeting with the President of Ukraine, Pelosi revealed that he reiterated the support of the United States, leaving “a grateful message to the American people for your leadership and admiration for the courage of the American people.”

The head of the U.S. House of Representatives also recalled that President Joe Biden had asked Congress to send a $ 33 billion (about $ 31.2 billion) package of humanitarian and military aid to Kiev.

The U.S. delegation that accompanies Pelos includes Gregory Meeks, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Adam Schiff, who heads the House Secret Service Committee, and Jim McGovern, who heads the House Rules Committee.

“We are on the border of freedom and your struggle is a struggle for all. It is our commitment to be by your side until the struggle is over,” confirmed Pelosi, still in Kiev, in a meeting with Zelensky described and published today.

Democrat congressman Jim McGovern accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of waging war on “the world’s most vulnerable” and “exacerbating hunger” by aggression against Ukraine, one of the world’s largest grain producers, at a news conference.

In this sense, he advocated giving “direct aid” to Ukraine so that the Kiev authorities could distribute it where it is most needed and “to those who need it most”.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Secret Service Committee, said U.S. lawmakers held a three-hour meeting with Zelensky and his administration to discuss sanctions, weapons, and humanitarian aid.

Pictures published today by the office of President Volodymyr Zelensk show Pelosi and his entourage in the Ukrainian capital.

“Our delegation traveled to Kiev to send a clear and resounding message to the world: America stands firmly by Ukraine,” Pelosi said in a statement released today.

In another video later released by the Pelos office, Zelensky appears praising the support: “We win and we win together,” the president of Ukraine said.

To which Pelosi added, “We are here until victory is won.”

The U.S. delegation continued its tour of southeastern Poland, a country that has received more than three million refugees from Ukraine since Russia launched the attack on Feb. 24.

The head of the US parliament will meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday, with whom he said he was discussing “humanitarian aid and security.”

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