Nintendo Switch Sports: The day after the release, the player will turn off the TV with Joy-Con

Streamer 63 men broadcast about playing tennis Nintendo Switch Sports, when he accidentally threw the Joy-Con controller towards the TV and broke the screen. The event can be seen in this Twitch video.

This accident happened quite often with the Wii Remote, where Nintendo included a silicone case and wrist strap to avoid accidents, but surprisingly, the Joy-Con has weighing only 51 g, which requires an incredibly strong throw to cause this accident. The Joy-Conie also comes with a factory wrist strap, but the user did not wear them.

In a recent tweet on April 28, Nintendo recommended that users wear a wrist strap when playing Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports and Wii Sports brings recommendations to the home screens to keep the user aware of the environment and put on wrist straps to avoid accidents.

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