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Santa Catarina recorded 23 dengue fever deaths between 2 January 2022 and last Wednesday (27). In addition, more than 24,200 cases have already been confirmed.

According to a bulletin published by the Dive / SC (Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance of Santa Catarina), 38 suspected deaths from the disease were reported this year.

Of these, 23 were confirmed, four were rejected and 11 remained under investigation by municipal health departments with the support of the State Department of Health.

See which cities:

Abelardo Luz – 74 years old, male, native
Abelardo Luz – 80 years old, female, native
Ascurra – 66 years old, female, domestic
Blumenau – 94 years old, male, primitive
Brusque – 81 years old, male, native
Brusque – 59 years old, female, native
Brusque – 97 years old, female, native
Brusque – 100 years old, female, primitive
Caibi – 72 years old, male, native
Chapecó – 66-year-old man, native
Chapecó – 73 years old, male, native
Chapeco – 86 years old, female, native
Chapeco – 87 years old, female, native
Colonel Freitas – 66 years old, male, native
Criciúma – 40 years old, male, imported
Itá -72 years old, male, indigenous
Joinville – 65 years old, male, native
Maravilha – 82 years old, male, indigenous
Palm hearts – 82 years old, male, country of origin
Palm hearts -78 years old, male, original
Palm hearts -76 years old, female, domestic
Romelândia – 61 years old, male, country of origin
Xanxerê – 51 years old, male, indigenous

According to Dive / SC, 48,840 cases were reported in the state. Of the 24,230 cases confirmed, 8,222 were rejected, 1,888 unclear (the classification used in the Notifiable Diseases Information System for cases not yet completed 60 days after notification) and 16,200 remain suspected.

Compared to the same period in 2021, when 10,310 cases of dengue were confirmed in the state, the number of confirmed cases has increased by 135 percent, given that there are 24,230 cases of dengue in Santa Catarina so far.

The confirmed cases are distributed in 91 municipalities in Santa Catarina, 37 of which reached epidemic levels.

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