Surprise! Manuel Luís Goucha appears at SIC to surprise Júlia Pinheiro: “This is difficult”

This Saturday, April 30, Júlia Pinheiro was a great guest on Fátima Lopes ’program“ Caixa Magica ”at SIC. Manuel Luís Goucha surprised the presenter.

Júlia Pinheiro was a big guest on SIC’s Caixa Mágica program and talked to Fátima Lopes. At one point, the afternoon presenter on the Queluz de Baixo channel was surprised by his family and Manuel Luís Goucha.

The TVI presenter left a sincere and beautiful statement to a friend and colleague. “Hey Fatima. Life has given me wonderful things over the years, and one of those wonderful things is precisely the fact that I met privately and worked with Júlia.“, began by saying Manuel Luís Goucha in the video.

“True love was born between us. There is perfect harmony between our personalities. Júlia is an intelligent woman with sophisticated intelligence, fine, ironic when needed. A cultural woman. Our view of reality and the world is very similar, he has a very accurate view of the things around him.“he added.

Finally, Manuel Luís Goucha acknowledged: “And that’s why my life is much happier when I know I have Julia close. We talk often. We text each other, care about each other, and compete on the same schedule, but there is no competition for love.. If there’s a character in this life that I love, it’s Julia. Kisses Julian, better say mine woman”.

Enthusiastic Júlia Pinheiro was very happy with the surprise. “Oh how good Fatima, how good. this is difficult“You took it.” You see why I couldn’t say what was there, but I’ll tell you it’s a beautiful show of love, “Fátima Lopes replied.

Manel and I are one of the most serious things in my life, Manuel was one of the best surprises for me because the moment they started working together, I was very used to working alone.I didn’t normally have a partner and I thought at the time “maybe this is going to stop each other and From the first minute, the elegance of this man, his immense emotional intelligence, the way he made himself available, the way he treated me as a couple (…) gave me perfect space, and we noticed in many of the programs we did together. we discussed many other issues“said Júlia Pinheiro.

If Manuel needs me, I’m there and I know he’s exactly the same as me. When they told me we were going to be “competitors,” I laughed and so did he (…) There is no way or possibility that there is even friction in our relationship. (…) we had moments of deep involvement in the programs we did on Sunday nights (…) I’m on Manuel’s side, I’m home“he assured.

Finally, Júlia Pinheiro thanked TVI. “By the way, thanks to another station that allowed it, thank you so much for having a lot of friends there too“he concluded.

Fátima Lopes also took the opportunity to thank Queluz de Baixo: “Exactly, thanks to TVI for letting Manuel record this VT for you“.

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