The dropped Russian plane turned into a keychain to help the Ukrainian army

A Ukrainian businessman creates a keychain from the wreck of a Russian plane shot down north of Kiev to help the Ukrainian army. Drones and munitions are purchased at sales value.

Iurii Vysoven worked in advertising, but after the war broke out, she decided to use her knowledge to help the country. Entrepreneur creates a keychain from the wreck of a Russian fighter jet.

With the money raised through the sale, Iurii buys drones, military equipment, and delivers them donated to the Ukrainian army.

In March, a Russian military plane was shot down near the town of Borodyanka north of Kiev. The wreckage scattered on the agricultural lands is the same one that now turns into memories.

Every costs almost 950 euros and Iurii wants them to reach all over the world.

All parts are engraved with a unique serial number, thanks to the buyer and information about the Russian plane shot down by the Ukrainian army.

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