The first images of the new Forza Motorsport, which will be a version for Xbox One, are leaking

The new Xbox Racing Series title has no release date yet

Two pictures of the following Forza Motorsport leaked and show that the franchise series new name should arrive as well Xbox one.

According to leaks – which had been published reddit – The beta version of Forza Motorsport is already running in the hands of some influencers and the images leaked from there would have come out.

Unfortunately, you can’t draw too many conclusions from these pictures or get an idea of ​​what’s promising for the next game in the traditional Xbox racing series. The only clear sign is that there will be a game cross-genthat is, it will be on both the Xbox One and the Xbox One Xbox Series X | S.

The Reddit Forum Moderators responsible for the post have indicated that these screenshots are legal. So players on Microsoft’s old platform can celebrate and experience another title from the well-known franchise series.

Microsoft had already shared the trailer in play about the upcoming Forza Motorsport and some information about the game:

With Radius Tracking, a new Forza Motorsport coming to ForzaTech, you’ll see a combined and dynamic world of 4K, 60 fps – from reflective car surfaces to bright red paint that is reflected intensely from detailed track surfaces, and the interaction of light. and shadow around the world.

Some Forza franchise fans may be shocked by this news. But while Forza Horizon 5 was an intergenerational game, it showed incredible results on both platforms. Gran Turismo 7last title in the franchise Sonywas also released for both generations of the company, achieving both Playstation 4 how much Playstation 5; which shows that it is a more secure financial return strategy when these established games are launched in this intergenerational transition phase.

The release date for the new Forza Motorsport is not yet known, but it is likely that we will see news at the Xbox Showcase on June 12 and perhaps confirmation of the game’s release in late 2022 or early next year.


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Source: DSOG Source: Reddit

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