The new phase of the flu campaign begins on Monday

Cristine Rochol / PMPA

Vaccinations will become available to new groups and continue for the elderly, children and health care workers

The new phase of the national flu vaccination campaign will begin on Monday, June 2, and will last throughout June in Brazil. In the capital, vaccinations take place at 124 health centers from Monday to Friday, according to the opening hours of each office (see link).

At this stage, vaccination is aimed at pregnant women and mothers (who gave birth up to 45 days ago), indigenous peoples, teachers and other primary and university teachers, people with permanent disabilities, and people with non-communicable chronic diseases. and other specific clinical illnesses (regardless of age), truck drivers, urban and long-distance public transport workers, port workers, armed forces professionals, prison system workers, the deprived population, and youth in socio-educational interventions. Check out the list of chronic non-communicable diseases included in the flu vaccination campaign from this link.

Vaccinations will also continue for other groups already covered: the elderly over the age of 60, healthcare professionals and children from the age of six months to five years.

To receive the vaccination, pensioners must present a document proving their age. Employees in the above categories must present a payslip or other document proving employment. Pregnant women and women who have given birth must present a maternity card. Children should take the booklet to a health center. The medical condition can be proven by a medical certificate, a report or a prescription for continued use of the drug.

According to a study by the Ministry of Health, there is no need to wait for a break between an influenza vaccine and another vaccine. The only exception to this rule is children aged 5-11. In this case, you should wait 15 days between doses to protect against coronavirus and influenza.

In the 2021 campaign in Porto Alegre, 774,630 doses were given, according to LocalizaSUS, a tool of the Ministry of Health. The number of doses corresponds to 106.3% of the population evaluated by the Ministry of Health for vaccination, which was 728,909 people.

According to a study by the Ministry of Health, an estimated 711,533 people will be vaccinated in Porto Alegre in 2022. The goal is to vaccinate 90% of each priority group.

Influenza vaccination at the Model Health Unit will be performed at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Líbano, in front of the service from 9 a.m.

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