The second phase of influenza vaccination begins on Monday 2 at Fortaleza

The second phase of the Fortaleza influenza vaccination campaign begins on Monday (2). The vaccination is primarily intended for all health centers in the capital from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. On weekends and public holidays, vaccines are available at Paulo Marcelo and Messejana stations from 08:00 until 16:30.

In this second phase, priority will be given to pregnant women, women who have given birth, teachers, comorbidities, people with permanent disabilities, truck drivers, public, road, urban and long-distance workers, port workers, security and rescue forces, armed forces, deprivation of liberty, social and educational activities for the elderly and young people.

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Children, the elderly and health professionals were included in the first phase of the vaccination campaign, but people in this population who have not taken the vaccine can get vaccinated in the second phase. The campaign starts on Monday and runs until June 3rd.

In Fortaleza, demand for influenza vaccine remains low. Only 66,890 doses were used in the first phase, which is 10% of the expected target.

The immunizer protects against the viruses that cause influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and B. The vaccine was updated and changed to include the H3N2 strain that spread in the country in 2021. Influenza is an acute viral infection that causes flu-like symptoms as well as the Covid-19 virus.

According to Vanessa Soldatell, SMS immunization coordinator, “anyone who took the flu vaccine in 2021 should take it again this year because we will end up with a change in strains to protect against the H3N2 influenza A virus. With a large number of people vaccinated in a short time, and to avoid illness in addition to hospitalizations and deaths. “

Immunobiology can also be given with other vaccines, including Covid-19, except in children aged 5 to 11 years who receive the pediatric vaccine. In these cases, the Covid-19 vaccine should be given priority, according to the Ministry of Health, and waiting 15 days for the immunobiological vaccine against influenza in the indicated age group.

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Documents for taking the influenza vaccine

An official photographic document must be submitted to obtain the influenza vaccine. In addition, at this stage of the campaign, those who have a priority must submit documents proving their situation. See below what is required for each category:

  • Truck drivers, public, road, urban and long-distance workers, port workers, security and rescue forces, members of the armed forces and the system of deprivation of liberty must also present a document proving their active participation in the area.
  • Patients with co-morbidities may present, in addition to their identity card, any evidence of their affiliation (examinations, prescriptions, medical report, prescription, etc.). In addition, existing records of health units, if any, may be used.
  • Permanently disabled people should only submit basic documents, as the disability is self-reported.

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