The young man depicts the confluence of Venus and Jupiter in the SC sky; understand Santa Catarina

A young woman living in the Maria Céu district tends to photograph the dawn as soon as she wakes up. On Thursday, he noticed that the sky was in shades of pink and decided to make a recording. Later, while browsing the social network, he found out about the phenomenon.

According to Alexandre Zabot, a professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), the image is a visual sensation because the planets are on the same plane around the Sun. As they rotate, they end up in a line.

“It’s a geometric effect. One is close to the other because of the projection we’re looking at,” says the expert, who is a doctor of astrophysics and coordinator of the Astrophysics for All expansion program.

According to him, the phenomenon is not quite rare and will take a few days to appear. But viewing depends on ideal opening weather conditions. Unlike other phenomena that require viewing from more distant places, the confluence of the planets, for the sake of brightness, is visible even in the center of the great cities.

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