“TVI mocked the audience …”

Bruna Gomes, a competitor in the Big Brother – Final Challenge, got a new machine.

This Saturday, April 30, Bruna Gomes, a contestant in the ‘Big Brother – Final Challenge’ race, received a new machine from some fans. The message read: “Bru forces it all! Our champion PT / BR fan”.

On social networks, however, webmasters rebelled against producing the program because they couldn’t catch a competitor’s reaction when he saw the machine and read the message.

“Because TVI mocked the audience, yes, because we wanted to see Bruna’s reaction, they didn’t respect those who spent the money on the plane. Bruna, we say the cameras are against you because they rarely take pictures of you. The production shit decides not to show it and it’s just disgusting, ” wrote a fan.

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