Two faces of the same war: in Putin, a pro-Putin protest gathered 150 people and a pro-Kiev protest gathered more than a thousand – Current affairs

The EFE news agency said the organizers of the protest in support of Vladimir Putin, including opponents of the vaccine, accused the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and described them as “the greatest threat to the world.” peace”.

The Ukrainian community, for its part, demanded a protest that gathered more than 1,000 supporters, according to EFE.

During the pro-Ukraine march, Methodist pastor Gábor Iványi, who criticized the Hungarian ultranationalist government, apologized to the Ukrainians, “because not all Hungarians supported them.” [aos russos]”.

The government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemned the Russian attack more lightly than most leaders of the European Union or NATO countries in Hungary and sharply refused to support Ukraine militarily or to sanction the purchase of Russian hydrocarbons.

Viktor Orbán and the media that favored him, the majority in the country, as Putin’s ally, defended traditional values ​​for Hungarian culture as “foreign” principles they claim to defend for Brussels.

Shortly before the April 3 elections, in which Orbán won a fourth consecutive absolute majority, 72% of Hungarians expressed agreement with the government’s policy of neutrality ahead of the war in Ukraine.

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